Friday 11 May 2012

Thank you cards for wedding & baby

What are thank you cards for?

Wedding thank you cards & Baby Thank you cards

Thank you cards are a great token gesture and brilliant way of showing your appreciation for the people who have done something (attended a wedding or christening, bought a wedding gift or present for your new born baby etc).

They don't cost the earth - but go a long way to thanking someone on a personal level! Take a look at the thank you card designs below - to show you what can be done.

thank you cards, wedding, baby
A stylish personalised wedding thank you card designed by
A classy modern personalised baby thank you card design by

A stunning baby thank you card personalised design by

There are many options out there for personalised thank you cards - some better than others. The ones shown above are all from this webiste

They are designed by one man, me, Stuart Hodgson, "a highly experienced & talented commercial graphic designer (10 years + in the industry) who now designs stunning invites & thank you cards that are designed to your exact taste to be as unique and beautiful as your very special occasion". The website is well worth checking out!

Other Design items for Wedding & Christenings

Thank You Card
Sent out to your guests to thank them for coming and for their presents!
Wedding Invitation Card
A traditional folded card style invitation.
Wedding Invitation Postcard
A modern style of invitation design with double sided printing, and posted in a beautiful envelope.

Escort Cards
A fun and stress free route to table planning. Rather than have a table plan, all the guest’s find their names on their own personal pocket envelope on a table at the reception entrance. Inside is their table number. This relatively modern table planning system means that if someone can’t make it or wants to move you can just change the table number inside their pocket at the last minute.
Favour Box
Boxes hold the little gifts and keepsakes given to guests at the reception and have become an essential part of beautiful table decoration.
Menu Card
Ensure your scrumptious menu is printed on scrumptious stationery! Our folded menu cards list out what the guests can look forward to eating and are the perfect size to share between guests and stand alone on your table.
Order of Service
Details the schedule of your wedding ceremony for your guests to follow during the service.
Order of the Day
Like the order of service, an order of the day card details the
schedule for a day of celebration, and is a more modern yet equally essential item.
Place Card
Small stationery items with your guest’s names on to help them find their place at a table.
Place Setting Menu
An individual menu for each guest that can really add to your table decoration and complete the look for your guest’s dining experience. A nice welcome to each person when they are seated.
RSVP stands for Respondez S’Il Vous Plait which is French for Please Respond. These cards are enclosed with your invitations, along with self addressed envelopes to make sure your guests confirm whether they will be able to make it or not. We recommend setting a deadline for them to respond by.
Table Card
Placed on each table to help your guests locate their table. Traditionally tables are numbered, however you can always add character to your reception by naming your tables after places, people or anything that means a lot to you both. For example, some weddings have tables named after classic movies