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Hi, I'm Stuart Hodgson and I've set up this blog to document my leaflet design tips and to promote my cheap leaflet printing service. I figured it would be a good thing to do as it will be useful to new clients who ask me questions about how they can produce a really effective leaflet, and hopefully it will persuade people who stumble across this blog that I'm a pretty good designer who knows a thing or two about designing leaflets and they will inturn use my service :-)

As for a bit about me, well I'm a professional graphic designer, who designs lot of leaflets and that's how I earn living. But I also have other creative passions which you can discover from my main website:

stuart hodgson, graphic designer, photographer, north-east england
www.stuart-hodgson.com/ - the place where all my creative exploits are gathered in one place

Cheap leaflet printing
A lot of my commercial graphic design work specialises in high quality leaflet design services & cheap leaflet printing. Check out my website for this if you need some leaflets! www.stuart-hodgson.com/leaflets.html

landscape photography
I'm an amateur photographer myself - and you can find examples of my photographic work here

quotes about life
This website is another side project of mine. It represents my passion and love of quotes about life & little snippets of wisdom. You can find out more about these inspirational & motivational quotes about life here

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