Monday 1 October 2012

The importance of leaflets in any marketing strategy

LEAFLETS remain one of the best value and most effective marketing ways to promote your business or service.

Leaflets are a physical, tactile thing which can be held in the hand (a rare thing in the digital age) and, if designed well, a good leaflet or flyer will attract someone to pick it up, look at, and read, and if the leaflets content is of interest, the customer will either keep the leaflet as a physical reminder for future reference, or even take action straight away by calling a number, visiting a website or even going straight to your place of business if that is what you want.

In a world where web & email marketing are everywhere, and we are getting bombarded with on-screen marketing, we know it's easy to forget about something transient and stored digitally, but when there is a physical, tactile thing in front of you such as a leaflet, it does serve as a good marketing reminder.

Cheap Leaflet printing
A 4 page DL leaflet design (cover and 2 inner pages shown) that I designed for Carriages Tea-Room. By placing the leaflet in lots of touristy places of information it helped them get more exposure and therefore customers. 

Therefore leaflets are still one the best ways to get more customers and promote something, and leaflets should form a part of any overall marketing strategy, and are especially important for local businesses where leaflets can be distributed in the local area.

In terms of design, a well-designed, visually appealing leaflet will always make a better first impression and will always get more interest & response than a badly designed leaflet. We all know this because we’ve seen those cheap & nasty looking leaflets which we pay little attention too and have thrown them in the bin because of the way they look. You only get one chance to make a first impression – so make that first impression count by choosing a professional and experienced graphic designer to design your leaflets.

In terms of print production, the most popular leaflet sizes include A5 size, a4 size, a6 size and DL size. These leaflets can be single-sided, double sided or folded. It all depends on the quality & quantity of information there is to present in your leaflet.

So when you are thinking of ways to promote your business or service, even in the world of the internet, don't forget the humble, but highly effective leaflet!

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